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Is it Time to replace your Hydraulic Hoses?

If you own or operate hydraulic equipment, you may need to check hydraulic assemblies and components regularly. Just because a hose is not leaking or broken does not mean you should keep it in service. It is best to replace hydraulic hoses before they fail. Here are some helpful tips for spotting trouble before it costs you a lot of needless repair bills.


Is one of your hydraulic hoses scuffed or marked up? If so, try to determine the cause of the scuffing as this could be the beginning of major trouble. Unrepaired damage can lead to leaks, and eventually split hoses, so if the problem is just a result of normal wear and tear, you should keep a close eye on the hose and consider replacing it as soon as possible.


Hydraulic systems should not have any kinked hoses. Kinking is often a sign of improper installation. For example, the installer may have failed to route the hose properly, or perhaps they installed a hose that was too short. Kinking can lead to premature wear and tear, and it is a good idea to replace the kinked hose with the proper size hose.

Corrosion or Oxidation on Fitting

If hydraulic hose couplings or fitting have signs of rust or corrosion, look closer. There may be a slight leak or your hose may be getting old. Corroded fittings may start to leak without notice, and this can create a lot of headaches. This is a good time to order replacement hydraulic assemblies.

Hose and Fitting Leaks

When a hydraulic hose is leaking, and it is not coming from a connection, it needs to be replaced. If you notice leaks around hydraulic hose fittings, try tightening the connections, as you may just have a loose-fitting, for instance. Vibrations from heavy machinery can sometimes cause loose connections. However, never do this whilst the machine is running and the system is pressurized, as you could receive a serious oil injection injury.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your hydraulic hoses, please feel free to contact a member of our team, and we will be happy to conduct an inspection of your equipment.

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